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Surrender isn’t about giving up… it’s about letting go!

Something that society is vigorously promoting is “balance”. According to present day ideologies, we need to balance our work time, with our play time. We need to make time for ourselves and make sure that we are comfortable and cozy. But the one thing that society doesn’t mention an iota of, is God. In fact, in the eyes of the world, the scales are completely tipped in favour of our wants and our desires. God doesn’t fit into our so-called “balanced” lifestyle we are supposed to be living. And that means our scales are tipping in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, the modern-day thinking of Christians, is that we need to give God time in our lives, but there needs to be a balance. And we end up compartmentalizing our existence into a section where we keep God in a box, and a section of our lives that we don’t allow Him to enter. We have our “God day” on Sundays, and leave God in our church buildings during the rest of the week. After all, we don’t want the world to think that we are Jesus “freaks”. So, in the end, a balanced life is not what we have been called to live.

In the life of a true believer, God needs to heavily outweigh anything else that crosses our path. If Jesus allowed His comfort to outweigh His love for us, He would never have left a perfect heaven to come to a messed up world. If Jesus allowed His unfair treatment to cloud His calling, He would never have been crucified. If it was good enough for Jesus to let go of any “balance”, but rather allow His Father to tip the scales, then it should be exactly what you and I do as Christians. When we do, the scales are tipped to the exact side they need to be.

God should be the One to whom we surrender every part of our lives. There should be no balance. Because when we give Him ourselves completely, we are free from the hold of all worldly things. There is no longer a fight to balance the scales. There is only a complete desire to serve the One who gave it all for us.

Have a wonderfully, unbalanced day!

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