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Rolling in

His mercy is new every morning! So if yesterday was a bad day, today’s a brand new opportunity not to overlook God’s mercies poured out in your life. No matter what is happening in our lives at any given moment, there is always something to be thankful for. Things might not always turn out the way we want them to. Our giants might seem too big. The mountains in front of us might seem insurmountable. And sometimes the valleys we find ourselves in might seem like the darkest place in the world. But it’s all a question of pointing the eyes of our hearts in the right direction.

When I choose to look at the magnitude of the cross, my giants lose their strength. When I make a conscious decision to steer my heart to my Saviour, I can scale any mountain I face. When I recognize the grace and mercy that flowed for me from the broken body of Jesus Christ on that old wooden cross, then the darkest valley becomes the greenest pasture where I can find rest. When my eyes are focused on Jesus, then any attack from the enemy, fizzles out and strands of doubt are replaced by strongholds of faith.

It doesn’t mean that storms won’t come. They will! It simply means that we choose to keep company with the One who has complete control over every single storm. And even if God chooses not to still the raging winds, He always calms my heart in the midst of it all, because I choose to focus on Him. By recognizing each wave as an opportunity to put my trust in Him, it leaves no place for fear or self-pity. God’s mercies keep rolling in, despite what our circumstances might be telling us.

Amazing love how can it be, that You my King, would die for me? It’s all because of mercy and grace. Thank you Jesus!

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