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A life with no heavenly purpose, is like an earthly race without a finish line.

Truly following Christ, will not give you an easy and comfortable life. In fact, it will mean a life of sacrifice to self. It means we need to focus on heavenly things instead of worldly ones. To be a Christian means to awaken every fiber of your being, every single day. It means that we must stay focused on the race God has called us to run while we walk the face of this planet. It requires discipline.

Society’s purpose is to serve society. It’s one rooted in “self” that always ends in disappointment and frustration because it’s temporary in nature. God’s purpose for the world is one of love and redemption. Its foundation isn’t built on selfishness, but on being selfless. The same selflessness that Christ showed when he gave himself to be crucified, so that we may live.

We can, not for a single moment, be distracted by the purposelessness of the world. We must keep running towards the goal that God has placed before us. We are called to be His hands and feet in a world that is broken and in need of direction. But to do that, we must make sure that our lives are deeply rooted in Him. Every step demands discipline. Every nerve must be focused.

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