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No Height

If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble.

It’s a simple concept: the higher we want to go up, the deeper we need to go down at the start. And when we reach those dizzying heights, let’s never forget the absolute necessity of our foundations and keep focusing on them. The foundation of life is God. He is the creator and author of all things. The reason why society is so shaky today, is because we are attacking those very foundations.

It seems to be the world’s agenda to break down the very foundational institutions that God had set in place. By doing that, we are saying, “There’s a better foundation than God!” We are trying to build our lives on our own flawed ideas. For that very reason, instead of society reaching great heights, it is plummeting into despairing depths. It’s time we begin to root ourselves on the One True Rock.

Let’s stop focusing on the small things and start building our lives on the foundation that will never let us falter and never let us fall. The foundation that will allow us to stand tall for Christ, in the midst of a society that is crumbling.

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