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Indescribable Peace

How anyone can believe that society, in its own attempt, has created a world of peace, is beyond me. Inherently, we are selfish and will do anything to be heard and seen; all because we want to be accepted and acknowledged. That’s just the way the flesh works. It’s all about me.

The truth is, that we have been created to acknowledge God, not ourselves or other people. The only time I will find true peace in my life, is when I stop looking for the approval of those around me, and start living in acknowledgement of who God is and what He has done for me. When that becomes the focus of my life, then the the fleshly desire to be more and want more is swallowed up by the knowledge that God is all I need and He becomes all I want.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried in every single way to rule this world, and has dismally failed. Every single human has tried to rule their own life in an attempt to find significance and acceptance, and has failed. If it hasn’t worked since the beginning of time, it’s safe to say it never will. Why not allow God to take control and see how life changes from chaos to peace, and hate to love. He loves you and accepts you without any pre-existing conditions.

Have an amazing day!


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