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It Costs

It’s better to be slapped with the truth, than kissed with a lie.

Jesus wasn’t joking when He said that we’ll have trouble in this world; or when He told us that following Him meant carrying a cross through life. One reason why a life following Christ will cost us, is because the world is moving in an opposite direction. They have a different agenda. And that agenda is coming through loud and clear at the moment; to destroy the family unit, and to destroy the truth. And this is all done under the guise of “caring” and being “inclusive”!

Jesus also wasn’t joking when told us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is only in Him that we can find and live the Truth. And when that Truth, clashes with the lies of the world, there will be friction. And as long as society chooses to eliminate Christ, we will continue to be ridiculed, mocked and scoffed at. So what does that mean. Do we choose the easy way that goes with the flow and slowly allow these wayward ideologies to water down our faith and pursuit of the Truth?

Sorry for the language, but “Hell No! I refuse to deny my Saviour, who stood up for me when He died on Calvary. He never chose the easy road out, so neither will I. I am in this until my final breath here on Earth. I will continue living the life my God is calling me to live, no matter how uncomfortable it may get. Comfort is not my priority, living a life that is pleasing to My Father, is! Even though it will cost me in this life, I know what eternity holds for me. My eyes are focused on that!

Have an amazing day, rooted in the Truth.

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