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Try Again

The most effective way to do something, is to do something. And if it fails, having learnt from your first attempt, do it again, but better.

There is no place so dark in your world, where God’s light cannot shine. No matter how rock bottom your life seems to be, there is no hopeless soul in God’s eyes. Whatever you’ve done, and however many people have written you off, you can never mess up so badly that God will abandon you. While your heart is beating and your lungs are filled with air, God is extending His grace. Grace that is calling you to receive Life in the Light. Not based on our messed up lives, but on His perfection.

It continues to blow my mind that a perfect God, chooses to call a messed up me, to a live in His grace instead of my failures. He takes the pieces of my shattered attempts to do things in my own strength, and restores it to perfection. I know it doesn’t mean that whatever I try when I live for Him will work out perfectly for me. But I know that, no matter whether I succeed or fail in what I try, my life doesn’t simply add up to the sum of my mistakes. I know that my confidence is found in Christ, not my personal successes.

Today is the day that God is calling you to “Do something!” It might be that He is calling you to get up, dust yourself off and face your giants. He wants you to know that He will walk every step with you. Maybe He is calling you to break the chains that are holding you down. He wants you to know that He is a Chain-Breaker. Maybe He wants you to get back on track with Him. He wants you to know that He is a Way-Maker! Don’t allow your previous failures to darken your future. Let them motivate you to try again, and do better. This time, with God!

Have an awesome day!


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