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Because He says so

We live in a society that loves to put labels on people. We are called derogatory names when we simply have a strong view on something. In fact, as Christians we will always be labeled as such, because we should always have a strong view about our faith. God calls us to be different. It doesn’t mean we are aloof. It simply means we have a moral compass which always points to God. And if standing firm in our faith means we are labelled by the world, then we need to deal with it in a loving way.

Sometimes, if we aren’t careful, those labels can threaten our boldness. We begin to believe the lies that society spreads about us, when we take our eyes off God. The voice of doubt then begins to ring in our minds about how unaccepting we are when we don’t agree with the world views of today. When we don’t condone the immoral ideologies of modern thinkers we are labelled as haters. When the world sticks so many label on us that we can barely breath, we begin to doubt.

But here’s the thing… it doesn’t matter what the world has to say about you. It doesn’t even matter what your family has to say about you and your strong morals. And it certainly doesn’t matter what the enemy shouts to you every day – those lies when he tells you, you aren’t good enough; you aren’t brave enough; you are alone in what you believe! There is only one opinion that matters! There is only one opinion that is completely true about you! And it’s the only opinion that can remove all those labels.

When you put your trust in God, there will be heaps of resistance from the world, but it pales in comparison to His acceptance of you. You then no longer need to be a slave of fear… because you are a child of God. You then no longer need too be burdened by the labels of regret, defeat, unwanted, unable and worthless. All those labels are disintegrated by the blood of Jesus. And when you accept that, you get a new label… A child of the One true King. And that’s who I am because my Father in heaven says so!

Have an amazing day!

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