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Because He Lives

God sent Jesus, His Son, to this world, to love, to heal and to forgive! Because there is a cross, I know He loves me. Because there is an empty grave, I know that He defeated death for me. Because of His death and resurrection, I know that He lives and He is preparing a place for me in Heaven. My Saviour lives and nothing that anyone says, can refute that fact.

In a world that is scrambling to find hope, I don’t need to scramble. I have found hope in Christ, and Christ alone. In a world that is terrified by war, I am not afraid, because my God is still in control and has never handed over His authority to any human leader or army. In a world that is panicking because of dwindling finances and health scares, I am calm. My calmness doesn’t come from anything the world can give. No, my peace is found in the One who gives me serenity in my being, despite the storms raging around me.

We so often hear about people trying to find inner joy. Some may travel to far away countries and claim to find themselves there. Some may claim that certain programs have helped them to find joy. But these are all passing emotions based on circumstances. In a world where everyone is trying to find happiness, I am content. I don’t need foreign places to give me direction. I don’t need gurus to tell me who I am. My joy is not linked to any circumstance. No matter what is happening in my life, I have an eternal joy that never leaves my. His name is Jesus Christ. And because He lives, I can face tomorrow… and the next day… and the rest of my days here on Earth.

My prayer is that you too, will meet the only One who can bring everlasting peace, joy and hope to your life. It can never be found in any earthly thing! It can only be found in our heavenly Father.

Have an amazing day!

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