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I don’t want to…

I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul!

Bev and I recently watched a great series on Stan about a couple, with three kids, who for a brief moment, forgot about the permanence of marriage. They were happy, but were tempted, and gave in to a brief moment of worldly pleasure. That moment of infidelity destroyed their marriage, and their family, and their individual lives. Only once they had lost what they once held dear, did they realise their devastating mistake. And it was all because they lost sight of the “eternity” of marriage, and chose to focus on a “moment” of pleasure.

The world is trying to desensitize us from living in the light of eternity. We are told that this is all there is, so we need to do whatever feels good and whatever makes us happy. Society is hypnotizing us to live our lives focused on material things. Their motto is, “The one with the most stuff, wins!” We are lead to believe that this is all there is; that a belief in eternity is ludicrous and that we should stop wasting our time believing a Fairy Tale.

But I choose to rise above the road of self-love. I choose to rise above the “feast for my eyes” that the world places before me. Because the enemy is punching us with low blows, trying to use all these worldly things, so that we can lose focus of our purpose. I will never go back to the way my life used to be when all I did was focus on life’s short-term pleasures. Christ has changed that, like he changed Saul to Paul. He changed me from living in the Dark… to Mark! My life is focused on eternal things. And that is where my focus will stay.

I will not try to gain the whole world, because I am not willing to lose my soul. My eyes are focused on eternal things and that is where they will stay.


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