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One Way

Someone once asked me, “Why do you insist on always taking the hard road?” I answered, “Why do you assume that I see two roads?”

When we begin travelling down a road that is not meant for us, we will most certainly get lost. We lose ourselves in the “happiness” that it might seem to bring, or the “comfort” that it seems to provide. But the happiness and comfort that we find on the wrong road, is nothing but a smoke screen. And we often only realise that after having travelled well down that path! But here’s the good news… It’s never too late to take the right exit that will lead us to the right destination!

The Bible talks about the broad- and the narrow way. The broad way may be filled with beautiful worldly distractions. It might be filled with comfort and pleasure. But it always ends up in sorrow and hopelessness. On the other hand, we have the narrow way. When we look at this road from an earthly perspective, it doesn’t look too inviting. In fact, it seems downright uncomfortable and too challenging. But give me that road any day of the week, because it’s the road that God has prepared for us.

When we fix our eyes on Jesus, our priorities change. The comforts and pleasures of this world begin to grow strangely dim. The more we focus on God, the less we see an alternative route. The more we understand God’s love for us, the less acceptance we look for in this world. The more time we spend kneeling at then cross, the less time we waste on frivolous things. We need to have such a close relationship with Our Father, that we only see one road ahead of us. And that road might not be a bed of roses, but it will never be riddled with potholes of hopelessness and destruction. On that road you will always find love, grace and hope.

Which road are you on?



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