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Only God

We are running in a race that only ends in disappointment if we don’t have God in our lives. Without God, we won’t know our purpose, but we’ll keep looking because purpose is what gives our lives meaning. And our meaning will determine our actions. So, without God, we are headless chickens – running around without having a clue what we’re doing.  We end up going down alleys, that we hope will give us clarity, but only leave us frustrated. These Godless alleys always lead to dead-ends!

When God created us, He put all the pieces together, leaving out a single piece. A piece that is needed to complete the puzzle of our lives. Without that piece, our lives will never be complete, so we try to fit things in there that just don’t fit. It’s only when we invite Christ into our lives, that we find the piece that fits perfectly. Only with Christ in our lives do we understand our true purpose, and do we truly begin to live.

So, this morning, if you are feeling that your life is directionless, invite Jesus in, He is the Way. This morning, if you are feeling dead inside, invite Jesus in, He is Life. This morning, if you are feeling tired, go to Jesus and He will give you rest. There is no more need to keep searching for that missing piece. The answer is Jesus.

Have an amazing day!

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