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You Choose

Obedience is not a requirement of Christian commitment and discipleship, it’s the by-product of an undivided heart.

The reason why so many find it difficult to follow Christ and be totally committed to the cause, is because it requires the starving of our flesh, and the feeding of our Spirit. It goes against human nature. The world is so obsessed with feeding the flesh. We are told to be whoever we feel like being, to say whatever is on our mind, and to do whatever makes us happy. You see, it’s all about feeding the flesh.

But as a Christian, our lives need to be different. If we really want to grow, we really need to commit. How close we get to God, totally depends on how willing we are to feed our Spirit. Because the more we focus on Godly things, the dimmer the things of this world become. The more we feed our Spirit, the less we have to give to the flesh. Once we experience the grace and love of our Father, it is impossible to want to be anywhere else, but in His presence.

Faith deepens as we act in ways that anchor us more firmly to Him.

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