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Roots to Branches

It’s in the wilderness where God removes the meaningless and replaces it with His Glory! 

There can’t be branches before there are roots. And there can’t be strong roots, if there are no winds to withstand and water to find. Our human nature is one that always looks for comfort. We always look for the easy way out. And in doing so, we become lazy, over-comfortable, and fat from the easy life. But what good does that do? How does that help us when storms come and water dries up? It only leaves us face down, because our roots never had the opportunity to dig deep.

We don’t want to serve God because it could get too uncomfortable. Doesn’t Jesus say we need to take up our cross. That can’t be too nice, so we don’t. Doesn’t Jesus say that in this life we will have troubles? But we don’t want troubles, so we choose the “Pharaoh life”, living off the fat of the land. Why would anyone want to head off into the wilderness if they could sit around the “meat pots” of life, right? The reason why the world is lacking in morals, is because we are too comfortable in following the easy way. It’s a slippery road to self–destruction and a total lack of resilience.

But when we root ourselves in Christ, we grow strong. It is then no longer important to be surrounded by creature comforts. Our focus then becomes being the hands and feet of our Saviour. It becomes about living our lives in thanksgiving to Jesus, for what He did for us on the cross. It’s not always easy, but it develops deep roots. And it’s those roots that make us able to stand in the face of danger, and smile. Because our roots are on the Rock. And when the roots are strong, they nourish the branches so that we become beautiful trees in God’s Kingdom.

So decide today whether you want to be a weed that sprouts up in no time, or a tree that provides shade and shelter for others. I want to be a tree!

Have a great day!

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