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When all else fades, realise that it will continue to happen until you choose the One who is eternal.

Why is mankind so hellbent on placing hope in people who die, and things that fade? The result is always the same – being left disappointed and disillusioned. The truth is that nothing in this world will last. At any moment we might lose our families, our jobs, our homes and our possessions; simply because all of these are temporary. The opinions of others will fade and so will our worldly status, because all temporary things do.

Why is mankind so hellbent on discarding God and the hope that He gives? He is the only One who is eternal. Putting our hope and trust in Him will never leave us disappointed because He has always been, He is, and He will always be. In Him, nothing fades except the impact that the things of this world has on us. When we put our trust in an Eternal God, the things of this world begin to fade and become less important to us.

The more time we spend trusting in His Eternal Truth, the less time we have placing our hope in hopeless things. The more joy we find in God’s presence, the less time we have to allow the pain of this world to take root. Walking with God, means we know that His plan for us is Eternal and full of purpose. In the presence of an Eternal God, we know that the things of this world are temporary and will not distract us from our calling. We know that a day will come when there will be no more hurt and pain, and that the only scars in heaven will be on the hands and feet of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

But until that day, we will keep our eyes on God, who will never fade away and who will never disappoint us. The world can keep all it has to offer. All I need is to put my hope in God, and there I will find security that is eternal.

Have an amazing day!

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