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Don’t do it

There is no passion to be found when settling for a life that is less than the one you have been called to live!

It has been estimated that the chances of any person being born, is 1 in 400 quadrillion. I don’t know exactly how much that is, but I know it’s a heck of a big number. I also know that it simply translates into, “You are an absolute miracle!” The moment we realise that, is the moment that we begin to understand how precious life really is. Our existence might seem like mere luck when we look at the odds, but it’s not.

Your existence is all part of God’s plan. You are here for a reason, and it’s only in Him that we will truly understand our purpose. You see, God has a general purpose for every single person, and that is to praise Him with our lives. But God has also placed us where we are, for a time such as this. It doesn’t mean that we need to stay where we are forever. It just means that while we are where we are, God wants to use us to share His love. So, we can fulfil His purpose in us, and it won’t require material things. We just need to act. We need to use what we have to do what we can , where we are!

Please don’t settle for second best. By camping out in your comfort zone, you are doing exactly that! God doesn’t want you to get comfortable. Instead, He wants you and I to rely on Him for what you need to fulfil His purpose for you.

Please don’t settle for second best. By believing the lies of Satan who is telling you that your life is a mess and that there’s no use for you in God’s Kingdom, you are doing exactly that! No matter who you are or what you have done, God has a place for you at His table.

Please don’t settle for second best. By thinking that the time isn’t right, you are doing just that! If not now then when? You will never be ready to do what God is calling you to do. Remember, it’s not you that needs to be ready. God is always ready to step out with you. He will make you ready along the way to your calling.

Life is a big sea full of many fish. Drop your net and keep pulling. Don’t stop, because we have been called to be fishers of men.

Have an amazing day!


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