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Everything for Nothing

Grace meets us where we are, but doesn’t leave us where it found us!

There is absolutely no way, that any Christian can be feeling alone, abandoned and worthless. All we need to do is go back to the day that we found Jesus, to remember what it is all about. There is nothing more invigorating and energizing than to consider what Jesus did for us on the cross. This world can take our lives, but it can never take away the Grace of Jesus Christ that He has given every single one who believes.

If that doesn’t make you feel like a “Braveheart” then I don’t know what will. In spite of what we have done, Jesus says, “I love you!” In spite of where we have come from, Jesus says, “I will take you out of there!” In spite of the fact that we deserve nothing but death, Jesus says, “In Me you can have Eternal Life!” And that, my friends, is grace. Through the death of our perfect Saviour, He has given us everything for nothing, even though we don’t deserve anything.

Let that thought take over whenever you feel down and out again. God’s grace is the most amazing gift ever. Won’t you take it today?

Have an awesome day!

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