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Thank You

Let gratitude be the pillow that you kneel on when you pray. 

The problem with the direction the world is moving into, is that society wants us to believe that our happiness can be found in stuff. And that’s exactly the reason why we are running around chasing our own tails. The longer we believe this false idea, the more time we spend being miserable. Nobody can be content when they are continually running after something that they can’t catch. It just becomes so tiring!

So, instead of living in the future by chasing after something that you think will make you happy, why not live in the present… and be content? By Readjusting our attitudes, we can have all that, and more. When Jesus was hanging on the cross, there was a reason why He said, “It is finished!” He was telling us that there is no more need to go looking for our purpose. There is no more need for us to try and impress others or chase after stuff. There is no more need for us to always want more.

By dying for us, Jesus has given us everything we need. And by rising again, Jesus has given us far more than anything this world can offer. Even when our lives seem to be falling apart, Jesus Christ’s love for us on the cross, is all we need to live a life of joy. By moving our gaze from the fleshly snares of this world, to the spiritual truths of heaven, our attitudes move from a sense of entitlement, to a heart filled with joy and gratitude. When we realise that His grace is sufficient, everything changes.

Gratitude turns what we have, into enough!

Have an awesome day!

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