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Pray for a Storm!

Contrary to popular belief, having God in your life, doesn’t mean sailing on a boat without any storms. It means having a boat that no storm can sink! 

Instead of being so focused on wanting a comfortable life, we should rather find comfort in the fact that our lives aren’t all smooth sailing. A better way to view things, would be to become concerned when our seas are too smooth and too wind still. Because it’s when we find ourselves in those cotton ball places, that complacency sets in. That’s when we stop growing in Christ and faith begins to fade. In fact, in those “smooth” times, we don’t need faith.

You see, faith is put into practice when we can’t control a situation anymore. It begins at the point when we realise that we are sinners and that we cannot do anything about our Salvation, except allow God to take over. But what often happens after that, is that we allow our lives to fall into a place of “Christian inactivity!” We seem to think that we have done what was needed to be done. That our souls are now safe and that we can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

But life as a Christian is a process of continuous sanctification and growth. Simply being content because we have been saved, is just not good enough. We need to step out into the world do “crazy” and “impossible” things that require complete faith in God. The more that happens, the more we trust God to use us in amazing ways, and the more purpose we discover in our lives. Life with God is an amazing adventure. If you are bored as a Christian, maybe it’s time to put your faith into practice again, and believe for God to use you in an incredible way!

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