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You can’t change my mind

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…

Quite a few years ago, my life was in an absolute shambles. It was as if the mat was ripped out from under me, and free-falling became part of everyday life. There was absolutely no stability because I was looking for something to hold on to, that had no anchor. No amount of drugs or alcohol could fill the need for purpose. All it does is drag you deeper down the rabbit hole. Anything in this world we seek to hold on to, will drag us away, because nothing here, has an anchor strong enough to hold us firm.

The only time my life ever found any meaning was when I found the only anchor that kept me stable. His name is Jesus Christ. And since I allowed Him into my life, no matter how severe the storms around me have been, the anchor never wavered. He is the only One who could have taken me from where I was, to where I am today. For God, impossible is nothing, because that’s what He specializes in. And I’m so thankful, because, in human terms, my life was in an impossible place. But He made a way!

And because of what Jesus did for me, I am not ashamed to say that He is my Saviour. Because of the cross, I know that I no longer need to feel ashamed. And because of the empty tomb, I no longer need to fear death. My mind is made up and nothing or nobody will change it. I am not interested in following popular world views. I refuse to simply follow a notion because the majority chooses to do so. I am a child of God and that’s a given.

Have an amazing day!

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