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Right Direction

We seem to be chasing our tails in this life. Everything we do is an attempt to find our promised land. Maybe it’s time to realise that our promised land isn’t really a land at all – it’s God. The only time when our lives will overflow with “Milk and Honey” is when we are in His presence. That doesn’t mean that our lives will be perfect in a worldly sense, but it does mean that we can be secure in Him.

When we stop chasing things of this world in an attempt to make us happy, and start looking in the right direction, everlasting joy and peace will fill our lives. Whatever the world tries to throw at us, can do nothing to us, because we have God fighting our battles. So stop staring in the same direction for your promised land, hoping for it to appear. And turn your gaze to the cross where God is waiting with open arms. He is our promised land.

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