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Christians shouldn’t be living in our realm of feelings and emotions. We should be living in God’s reality called faith!

Nobody can argue that the world is in absolute disarray. And yet, we continue to try and deal with difficulties and issues in our own strength. What is it about us humans, that we want to be in control and handle things our way? I have been around long enough to realise that I don’t have a clue what I really need. Since I’ve decided to ask God to take control of my life, I can relax because I know that when He is in control, my future’s so bright, I have to wear shades.

It’s not about falling on our knees when things get tough… It’s about bowing our hearts to God in submission when things are tough and when life is a bed of roses. So often we beg God to help us when things are falling apart around us, yet we have no time for Him when things are going well. Here’s the thing – God isn’t the “quick fix guy” we tend to call when we need a speedy solution. He is sovereign and holy. Actually, God owes us nothing. We are the ones who owe Him everything.

I can guarantee you that handing your life over to God doesn’t mean that you become trapped and enslaved. Exactly the opposite happens. By bowing your heart and bending your knee to the One True King, you will become more free than you have ever been. The peace that God brings far outweighs anything that this world, or anyone in it, can ever give you.

I have chosen to bow my heart to God and haven’t regretted it for one second. Won’t you do the same?

Have an amazing day!

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