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Where to Swim

It’s only when we find ourselves, alone, in the middle of an ocean, that we realise how small a human being really is! It’s only in such a place that we can understand our own insignificance. The question then is, why would we live our entire lives, trying to impress other insignificant, mere mortals?

Society measures significance and worth using looks, money and status as its barometer. The danger for your and my life is when we allow others to do that to us. By diving into society’s “Ocean” we choose to live by man-made standards. By swimming in these perilous waters, we will surely begin to sink. That’s when life becomes a sequence of attempts to please those around us, and in the process, we lose ourselves.

Image result for romans 12:2 It is said that only dead fish swim with the stream. As Christians, we have Life in Christ and we are called to be different. We cannot call ourselves followers of Christ if we choose to live lives that please the world. So let’s stop swimming in the sea of society’s expectations. Rather, dive into God’s sea of love and grace. Receive the life He has for you and live to His glory.

Have an amazing day!

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