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Get off the Beach

No matter how deep life’s challenges are, we don’t need to sink. When the tide comes in, we can choose to sink or swim. And when we get to the wave break, we can choose to struggle in our own strength, or jump onto a surf board.

Surfing is a great comparison to the way we, as Christians, should live our lives. Before we can feel the exhilaration of moving freely on the wave, we need to swim to the place where it builds up.  God has a purpose for your and my life. To know what that is, we need to exercise faith and move to a depth where we can no longer stand. We can’t ride the wave that God has for our lives, if we choose to sit on the beach. It requires faith to step off the sand and go deeper.

Once we have chosen to step out in faith, God will give us everything we need to fulfill our purpose. He will give us the figurative surfboard to ride the figurative wave to fulfill our very real purpose. And as we ride the wave that God has for us, we need to keep standing and keep trusting Him. The bigger the wave we choose to ride, the more faith we will need. But the more faith we have, the more exciting the journey becomes.

Living a life of faith is like riding a continuous barrel. A famous surfer once said, “Out of the water, I am nothing!” When we are not stepping off the beach, swimming towards a depth that requires faith, and riding the wave that God has for us… we are not living. Without living our purpose, we are simply wasting our time. Why not begin today to exercise your faith and surf the wave of purpose that God has for you.


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