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Not Always as it Seems

Why do we make God a guest in our existence, when we are actually guests in His. He has been here since the beginning of time. Everything was created by Him and it is all His. Yet we think that we are doing God a favour by letting Him into our lives. Every breath we take is because of His grace. Every step we take is because of the strength He gives us. We owe Him absolutely everything

When things don’t turn out the way we would like them to, we blame God. Society loves to pose questions like, “If God loves me, why am I struggling with my finances and health? Why does God allow bad things to happen?” No matter what is happening in our lives, we are blessed. Instead of focusing on things that we don’t have, why don’t we make 2022 the year in which we spend time counting our blessings.

I complained about my shoes… until I met a man with no feet. It’s all about pointing our hearts towards thankfulness. We always have something to be thankful for. Let’s realise it, recognize it, and praise God for it. And often, when we have less, we tend to be more thankful. So when God takes away, it might just be that He is teaching us to have thankful hearts for what we have.

Have an amazing day!

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