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Those who walk with God, always reach the destination that He had in mind for each of us. 

During every Christmas season, we get caught up in the excitement of all the glitter, glamour and gifts. We don’t need a second invitation to rip open the wrapping paper that will reveal the surprise. We have no problem accepting whatever has our name written on it under the Christmas tree. It goes without saying that we all love a gift. But the problem with most of these gifts, is that the excitement soon fades, and very soon, they begin to gather dust.

It blows my mind that God’s greatest gift to us seems to be left unwrapped after each Christmas. Jesus is the most precious gift we could ever receive, yet we choose to live our lives without Him. We love to say that we walk with God, but do we really? Are our lives really committed to him? Do we actually mean it when we say that we would much rather choose a life with God by handing Him the reigns, than living a comfortable, self-absorbed life?

This Christmas, and every other day of the year, I choose to unwrap the gift I have been given by my Father. I choose Jesus every day of the week. I choose Jesus, because walking with Him even makes the suffering of this world pure joy. When we refuse to walk with Jesus, even the joy of this world becomes suffering. I would rather lose the whole world… just give me Jesus.

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