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Rethinking Purpose

Every person alive has been created in the image of God. And our ultimate purpose is to be in a relationship with Him. But we seem to have blurred the lines of our purpose and, as a society, forgotten who we are and why we are here. And the sad thing is that we only have ourselves to blame. God is not the One who has moved… we are!

What I’ve noticed over the past years is that we tend to look for our purpose in every place, but in God. We pour our time and energy into our careers and convince ourselves that it will give our lives meaning. But so many of us are in jobs that we desperately need holidays from. We spend 9 or more hours a day doing something that we don’t particularly enjoy, simply to be able to pay for things that we mostly don’t need. And we convince ourselves that it is our purpose. It is our purpose to live in the best neighbourhood, have the nicest car and give our families the best “stuff”.

You see, it’s all about letting God use us for His purpose, and not using Him to achieve ours. When we have a relationship with Him, then His purpose becomes ours. And His purpose for our lives is for us to shine in such a way, that Jesus’ love permeates through us. That should be the One and only thing that drives us in life. Whatever your career, whatever your situation, wherever your location, you can fulfill your purpose in life if you live to make Him known. And when we make that life-changing mind shift, it will result in a life-changing future.

Without God, life has no purpose. And without purpose, life has no meaning. And without meaning, life has no significance and hope. Jesus is our Living Hope.

Have an amazing day.

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