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Stay Standing

Today I spoke to two of my close Christian friends whom I haven’t seen for quite a while. Both of them are going through a really challenging time and it was great just to hear from them and to be there as an encouragement. But the thing is, that they were probably a greater encouragement to me. They are both going through a deep valley, yet their faith and love for God just shone through all of their pain. That is true faith.

It’s easy for us to say we have faith in God when our lives are all fine and dandy. But when those “Job Moments” happen to us – that’s when our true character and complete trust in God is tested. When we are facing complete devastation like Daniel’s three friends, and we can say like they did: “Our God can save us… but even if He doesn’t…” then we know our foundation is in Christ and nothing can move us.

So let’s all remember to stand firm where God has assigned us. We don’t need to defend ourselves or answer to any accusing spirit. We must remain vigilant, not grow weary, and take a stand for the One who took a stand for us on the Cross.

Have an amazing day or night, wherever you are.



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