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God is the light in which I see life! 

I can’t think of a more mundane thing in life than living without knowing God. When we try doing things in our own strength, it soon becomes obvious that we are weak in ourselves. Our abilities are limited, and for that reason we become afraid of trying new things and challenging ourselves. And the result is a life lived in a comfortable box. Such a life is psychologically limited and it leaves a person imprisoned.

Knowing God makes all the difference. As Christians we have the unwavering assurance that God is all powerful, and that He is on our side. When we walk with Him every day, we see life as an adventure needed to be lived, not an existence. Those “Get out of the boat” moments become part of everyday life. Knowing God means that our lives are lived in Faith, not in fear! Only in Him can we truly be free.

Faith in Him makes all the difference. We can choose to be afraid to step out and make a difference in fear that we might fail. Or we can jump into the amazing life God is calling us to, knowing that He is always our safety net. We serve a God of miracles. He specializes in the impossible. When we know him, we are willing to take that first step towards that seemingly impossible calling He has for us. If we don’t, we won’t. The prison door is open… all you need to do is walk out!

Have an amazing day!

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