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All things

We may be weak, but God is strength. We may have sin, but God has grace. We may fail, but God remains faithful!

Two of the greatest lies that Satan wants us to believe both speak to our egos. On the one hand he is trying to get us to believe that we are self-sufficient and can do anything in our own strength. He does this to keep us from the Truth, who’s name is Jesus Christ. Satan will do anything to keep us away from the cross. And when we arrogantly begin to think that we can do all things in our own strength, our inflated egos stand in the way of our view of the cross. And at that moment, we lose sight of our true source of strength.

On the other hand, Satan wants to deflate our egos by sowing doubt in our minds about God’s love for us. He uses exactly the opposite tactic to make us believe that God doesn’t care. Why would He want to help such a sinful person like me, who keeps messing up? And when we allow that thought process to take hold in our minds, we begin to doubt our identity in Christ. That’s the moment when we start looking for confirmation in the world. And what the world then tells us leads us back to an inflated ego.

It becomes a vicious circle of chaos and confusion when we allow Satan’s lies to infiltrate our minds. Why on Earth would we choose to listen to the father of lies, when we have the One who is Truth in our corner. Jesus Christ died for you and me, so that we can find new life in Him; a life filled with His promises. God says that He will never leave us nor forsake us. In Him we can do all things because He is the One who gives us the strength we need. When we choose Christ, then we have His presence go before us, beside us and behind us. And in His presence we are safe. When we choose Christ we can live confidently knowing that He who is in us, is far greater than he who is in the world.

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