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What King?

When we gain any form of power, it becomes something we want to hold onto at any cost. They say that a measure of true power is the measure of a man’s surrender. What earthly king would willingly step down from His throne? What earthly king would be willing to leave the comfort of his perfect home, to mingle with those who can offer him nothing in return? What father would be willing to offer for his son to die in the place of vagabonds?

The only King who would be willing to do all these things is Jesus Christ. The only Father who would be willing to sacrifice His Son is God. And the reason for it is found in one word… LOVE. For God so loved you and I, that He gave His only Son. Jesus wasn’t in it for the power and the glory, He was in it for the love. That’s why we need to remember that Love bridged the gap so that we may have an eternal relationship with our Father. And that love has a name… Jesus Christ.

God loves you more in a moment, than anyone could in a lifetime.

Have an amazing day!


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