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Complacency… no way!

We can never get complacent, because a loss is always around the corner; a temptation is lurking behind every turn. 

One of the greatest problems facing the church today is complacency. The world needs Christians who don’t tolerate the complacency of their own lives. Yet, what the world is seeing is everything but that. When we become complacent, we open ourselves up to becoming lazy in our faith. And laziness of faith leads to a lack of moving forward. Complacency is directly contrary to the example Christ gave us. It goes against everything He is calling us to be.

One of the Enemy’s greatest weapons is not something that is blatant and obvious. It is simply to get God’s children to become complacent with where they are at. As soon as we think we are fine in our faith, we are in trouble. As soon as we become complacent, we will stop moving because we are happy with our position. When we begin realizing that we are in a spiritual battle, we will start to understand how important it is to keep moving closer to God.

We can never talk to God enough, or spend enough time in His Word. We can never reach a point in our lives where we become complacent about the fact that there are people in our communities who are lost because they don’t know Jesus Christ. We can never feel “okay” about the fact that evil is happening in the world and we choose to sit in our little comfort zones, and do nothing about it. Instead, we shake our fists at God and blame Him.

We, the church. are supposed to be a wave moving in this world. We are supposed to be God’s hands and feet. We are supposed to speak out against injustice and the evil actions of authorities. And yet, when those things don’t directly affect us, we turn a blind eye. Jesus never looked away when He saw a need. He was always moving and doing. When we choose to move into action, we stop ourselves from being complacent. So let’s stop talking about our faith and start proving what we believe through our actions.

“We’ve always done it this way” is one of the most dangerous phrases ever uttered.

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