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Why Shine?

Sometimes we are searching in the branches for what can only be found in the roots!

Why do we want to shine? If our motive is to be seen by others, it becomes an act of egocentrism. When we are simply motivated by being seen by others, we are developing a crowd mentality and falling in line with what the world is doing. Society is all about self-promotion. Why do we have the “Be like the Jones'” mentality. It’s all because we want to be seen driving the nicest car, living in the nicest house and having the best job. Not necessarily because that will make us happy, but because that’s what we want people to see when they look at us.

Why do we want to shine? If our motive is bigger than ourselves, then we are on the right path. True purpose in life can only be found when we live to make Jesus known. He is the Giver of life, and true life can only be found in Him. Why are we so determined to try and find it in the recognition of others? The way the world is trying to do things is obviously not working. There is hatred around every corner! There is hopelessness around every bend! How is that a good thing? What the world needs is something different. It’s time to turn back to God.

And the way that this revival can be ignited, is if we as Christians start taking our calling serious. It is time for the church to stand up and to stop following the crowd. It is time that we stop shining so that we can be seen. It is time to shine the Light of Jesus Christ in a world that is stumbling around in darkness. It is time to stop searching in the heights of the branches for the meaning of life, and begin to realise that Life is found when we are rooted in Jesus Christ!

Have a beautiful day allowing Christ to shine through you!


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