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“Rest in Peace” doesn’t only need to apply when we’re dead. Our lives here on Earth can be filled with rest and peace. RIP infers that we can only find true rest and peace once we leave this Earth. Now let’s be clear – once we do leave this Earth and we know Jesus, that rest and peace will be made complete. But we can have it right here and right now. Jesus is the Prince of Peace… why wouldn’t we look for our peace in Him? He tells us to come to Him for Rest.

Why do we continue to look for peace and rest when it’s found in a name, not in psychologists, possessions, places, status or governments. As Christians, we preach to others about Jesus being the only Saviour and the only One we need. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, He is the last One we turn to when needing peace and rest. Why does it seem so difficult to put what we say we believe, into practice? By practising what we preach, we are simply living out our faith.

So many who profess to be Christians, are in crisis because they have removed Christ as their Cornerstone and have replaced Him with “wishy washy” worldly views. It’s absolute folly to build a structure with a flaky cornerstone. Why would we want to live our lives that way. The only way that the chaos around us can create chaos within us, is when we choose to bow down to fear and lies, instead of bowing down and submitting our lives to the One True Cornerstone.

The noise and the lies of the world are presented in a neat little package called “Tolerance”. The truth is that these lies are tolerant to anything, no matter how morally destructive they may be – yet completely intolerant to God. To love doesn’t mean to condone every single thing that someone does. To love doesn’t mean not to reprimand. To love doesn’t mean to replace morals and values with an “Anything goes” attitude. The morally corrupt world we are living in is enough to drive any principled person around the bend. But that’s where Jesus needs to be found in our lives.

No matter what is happening around us, our strength, and peace, and rest are found in Him. We will never find peace by joining in the folly. We will never find rest by chasing after acceptance from a world that denies God’s sovereignty. By standing firm on the True Cornerstone, we will find true Peace and Rest, despite the frantic search for it that is happening around us.

Have a great day as you find Peace and Rest in Jesus Christ.

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