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Be That… and More

The world is a dark place at the moment. Shine Christ’s light into it, so that people may see the path to freedom and truth.

True light is something that doesn’t only make things visible, but also guides us in the right direction. Any old light doesn’t do that. Only the light that Jesus gives, also shows direction. What the world does, is to hold up a flame and shout, “Follow me, I know where I’m going!” And the sad thing is, we listen, and we follow, no matter where they lead us. “Why are we so easily lead astray?” you may ask.

The simple truth is that we can’t let go of our selfishness. Our comforts have become something that we simply can’t live without, so we sell our sacrificial true direction, for one that will lead us to temptation. For an alcoholic or a drug addict to live a life of sobriety, they need to steer clear from anything that will tempt them to fall back into old habits. They can’t simply follow their old friends in a direction that will lead to destruction, no matter how satisfying that fix might be. No matter how comforting our comforts might be… we need to let go and move in a new direction.

And the only way that society will begin to move in the direction of Truth, is when we stop following a path to destruction, and we begin to move towards the true light of Jesus Christ. Only when His light shines in us, will we begin to share that flame with others. Our flame might seem lost in a dark world, but it will make an impact and if we keep going, it will spread. Remember that all that is needed to start a massive fire, is a small spark. Be that spark that starts a revival in a dark and directionless world.

Have an amazing day starting that fire!



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