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How we View

We can never see ourselves clearly, until we see ourselves through God’s eyes.

This might sound controversial, but in order to be everything that God created us to be, we need to see ourselves as 2 things:

  • Sinful
  • Forgiven

The simple truth is that we cannot come into God’s presence if we do not accept these two things. Firstly, we must admit that we are sinful. Sadly, this part of the Good News is often left out because it doesn’t sound like good news at all. However, for news to be good, it must be preceded by something not so good. That’s what leads to the next part of the story being awesome. Only when we admit that we are sinful, will we come to the realisation that we need help. And the only One who can help us, is Jesus Christ. Without admitting that, we remain locked in our little bubble of arrogance and self-righteousness.

Once we admit to ourselves that we need Jesus, we have taken the first step in the most exciting journey of our lives. But there are many more steps to take. And those steps need to be taken in a new direction. A direction away from our old life and into a new future where sin does not weigh us down anymore. It is at this part of the journey that we are set free because we know that we are forgiven. Only those who realise their previous sinful nature, can really appreciate the freedom that God’s forgiveness brings.

And the strange thing is, that when we admit our vulnerability to sin, our acceptance of God’s forgiveness gives us a confidence that nothing or nobody can waiver. It is then that we find our worth in Jesus, and not in this world. This all happens because God helps us to see things from a “higher” vantage point.



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