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Aren’t There

The desire to reach for the stars is great. The desire to touch the hearts of others is even greater!

Before we choose a destination for our lives, we need to know what it is that we want. And even more important than that; what it is that will make us content. We may be motivated by money, thinking that it will fill our hearts… but it won’t. We may be motivated by popularity, believing that it will make our lives whole… but it won’t. What those things do, is make our lives comfortable, and a comfortable life is extremely dangerous. What comfort will do is make us lose sight of our heavenly calling.

Having our eyes on the wrong goal transforms us into a modern-day Esau. We are willing to sell our heavenly birthright for something that will lead to immediate gratification. Why would we even consider hanging on to short-term comfort, when we can begin preparing for eternity, right here and right now. You may have doubts about eternity, but I know that there is a life after this one, because my Father says so. I know that this life will be tough, because my Father says so. But I also know that He has overcome this world and has a place for me in heaven if I accept Jesus Christ and live for Him. I know that because my Father says so.

Once we commit our lives to Christ, our motivation for life changes, and so does our destination. It no longer becomes a process of looking for my own fame, it becomes a life that is focused on making Him known. And only when we reach that point in our lives, do we become content with who we are in Christ, knowing for the first time where our lives need to go. But the thing is, that in this life, we will never reach a complete point of contentment. There is always more to be done and more hearts to be touched.

May a lost world be our motivation to show the One who is the Way. May a broken world be our motivation to show the One who can make them whole. May a world in need of hope be our motivation to introduce the One who brings true Hope.

Have an amazing day as you move to your destination!


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