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See for Yourself

Stop staring at mountains! Climb them instead. It might be a harder process, but the view from the top is far better. 

We tend to listen to everyone else’s story and wish we could have done the same. The simple truth is; we can. The problem is we have been programmed by society to want it all, and to want it now! Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy. No history changing event happens without challenges and proverbial mountains to climb. No matter what lies society tells you, a life of purpose is not found in ease and comfort.

We collect things to make our lives as comfortable as possible. Falling into that trap allows us to show our stuff to the world, but it doesn’t allow us to have real stories to tell. We often criticize those who do something special with their lives, because we choose to sit in the grandstands, secretly wishing we could have had the guts to do the same. We can! And we must! It’s time to get into the “arena” and to become part of the minority who actually makes this world a better place.

God created you, to be you. Not a robot version of what society deems you to be. Stop going with the flow because it’s easy! Stop joining the crowd because of the so called, “safety in numbers.” Stop sitting on the sidelines, wishing you were on the field. God has a plan for your life, and it’s filled with adventure. Pursue it, and He goes with you. With God, you can swim upstream, no matter how strong the current. With God, you are always in the majority. God is on your team, so get onto that field and play to win.

Only those who risk going “too far”, will need to put their faith in God to practice.

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