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A Day

Spending time with God is seen as something that has no relevance in our modern day! The truth is that we simply can’t afford not to spend time in His presence. God is not some old fashioned myth. In fact, He is more up to date than tomorrow’s newspaper.

Our Bibles gather dust and our prayer time is covered in cobwebs. We don’t make time for God because we allow our lives to get in the way. The very reason we do have a life is because God has given it to us. And yet, we treat Him like an imposter. Our fear of drawing near to Him is found in the fact that we might be convicted of the things in our lives that are not in line with His will. Many don’t want anything to do with God, because they want to live their lives as they please. Yet, when death approaches, we all want to believe that there is a “Better Place.” .

Maybe we need to focus on that “Better Place” during our lives, instead of at the end of it. When our focus moves to the hereafter, the here and now begins to make more sense. Our priorities begin to change and our lives begin to find meaning in God. Our hardships don’t lead to a state of depression anymore because we know what’s to come. The dissent the world shows towards us, doesn’t lead to our world’s falling apart, because we know who we are in God. The rejection we might face from others hurts, but doesn’t break us because we know what Jesus did for us.

As Christians we know that this isn’t all there is. We know that there is a “Better Place” and that it’s not just wishful thinking. We know that there will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears. We know that there will be a day when the burdens of this world will be gone forever. And on that day, we will see Jesus face to face.

But until that day, let’s stand for God and make Him known. Have an amazing day!

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