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What if…

As Christians, we say that we trust God. We sing songs about His faithfulness and tell others to stand on His promises. When our lives are comfortable and we experience no real difficulties, we preach to others about how they should believe. In times of prosperity, our faith isn’t tested. It’s during those easy times that we often begin to slowly move away from feeling the need to trust God. That’s when we get into the habit of focusing more on our own strength. It’s then that we begin thinking that we can do all things without any help from God.

But what if our lives were to be turned upside down? What if we came to the sudden realisation that God isn’t there to be our lucky charm? What if we stopped believing the lie that as soon as you become a Christian, your life will all fall into place… no more pain, no more sickness and no more poverty? Well, that’s when real faith begins to kick in. The moment we come to terms with the fact that we deserve absolutely nothing from God, is the moment that we begin to loosen our grip on things that weaken our faith in Him.

Blessings from God are often “wrapped” in struggles. Paul says in Romans 5:3 “We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us…” Isn’t that a difficult verse to swallow? Not really, when we realise in the depths of our being that we deserve absolutely nothing, and that God already gave us absolutely everything through His Son, Jesus Christ. Nothing else is really important. So instead of shaking our fists at God for not giving us what we think we deserve, we should fall on our knees before Him for giving us so much more than what we actually deserve!

I would rather endure difficulties knowing that I need God in my life, than have all the comforts in the world, thinking I can do it all on my own. No matter what is happening around us, the waves and wind still know His name. God is still in complete control – not only of this world, but also of my life. It is well with my soul. How about yours?



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