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Bow our Hearts

There’s no point in bending our knees, but not bowing our hearts!

There’s a new phenomenon spreading like wildfire in the world today – the “taking a knee” against racism. Now let me make this clear from the onset. I do not talk politics on this blog, but to make a point I have used this example. Racism is bad and it should certainly be eradicated. But by pressuring people to take the knee, doesn’t fix the problem. An attitude change is needed. If our actions aren’t reflected in our postures, then our hearts aren’t really in it.

As Christians, we can bend our knees until we are blue in the face. But unless our hearts are also bowing in the process, we are simply busy being Pharisees. Their “religion” was all show. It was about doing stuff in public in an attempt to impress those around them. Being a Christian certainly involves our actions, but what it’s really about is the motive behind those actions. And our motives come directly from our hearts.

Society is degrading. And with the moral decline, we have allowed our motives to be compromised. We need to remember that we are in this world but not of it. That means that we cannot fall prey to its practices and attitudes. Society is all about me… Christianity is about God and my neighbour. Society is all about perception… Christianity is all about the Truth. Society is all about bending the knee… Christianity is all about bowing the heart.

We can’t control the length of our lives, but we can control the “depth” of it. By going deeper with God, our hearts begin to yield to His will and our motives for what we do become tightly wrapped in love, because God is love. Why would anyone choose the praises of man, when we can have the anointing of God? My prayer today, is that we will choose to bow our hearts to the One who gave His life for us.

Have an amazing day!

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