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Reaction vs Decision

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears!

From the onset we need to know that fear is a liar. There is nothing wrong with feeling fear. In fact, it’s completely normal and part of what makes us human. But the problem with fear is that it messes with our mind. It tries to convince us that we are about to step into something that we are incapable of handling. It is an emotion that underestimates our strength and overestimates our weaknesses. Fear zooms in on the possibilities of what might go wrong, and completely zooms out on the things that might go right. The problem isn’t fear itself, but rather how we choose to approach it.

We might not always be able to completely eliminate fear from our lives, but we do always have control over how we deal with it. Making brave decisions doesn’t mean we are void of fear… it means that we face our fears head on knowing that if we don’t, we will be in bondage for the rest of our lives. I don’t know about you, but I want to be free of those shackles and be brave! But, the main reason why we can stand firm and not be moved, is that God is on our side. I’m sure David’s human side wanted to tremble, but his knowledge of God’s presence changed everything when he stood in front of Goliath.

We might have been born with a spirit of timidity, but those of us who know God have been reborn with a spirit of power,  love and sound mind. God tells us in His Word, “Do not fear!” more than 300 times. He obviously knows that it’s a weakness we have. That’s why He wants to make sure we get it! Don’t allow your choices to be guided by fear. Let them be guided by the knowledge that God is with you.

Have an amazing day!


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