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Not Alone

God doesn’t allow tests in our lives to see whether we are worthy. He allows tests to check whether we are ready.

The trials we go through on Earth don’t happen because God has forsaken us. How can we even think that? Exactly the opposite is true. We face obstacles because God wants us to draw so close to Him, that we will never doubt His presence. And when we begin to stand on His promises, we are on the brink of a new life. A life in which we don’t fall to pieces when the world around us does. A life in which we stand confident in the knowledge that our lives are in His hands and that there is no need to fear anything.

An uncertain future then becomes okay, because God is already there. Difficult circumstances don’t sway us. God doesn’t always take us out of the fire, but He promises that He will be there with us. The trials we are going through are blessings. It is God’s way of saying, “Trust me. Walk with me.” When we draw a line in the sand and we stand up for our King, He steps into our lives in a real way. With God taking center stage, we have the confidence of David in front of Goliath; we have the joy of a shackled Paul in prison; we have the boldness of Daniel stepping into the lion’s den; and we have the peace of Stephen being stoned to death, yet knowing that his soul is in God’s hands.

Why then should we fear anything? Why do we so dearly want to impress the world? Why do we long to fit in, when God is calling us to stand out? God’s agenda is so different to that of the world’s. Let us make sure that our hearts are beating to His rhythm. Because dancing to the beat of the world leads us on a road to purposelessness. But giving our lives to God means we trust Him, not only when things are comfortable, but certainly also in the tough times. When God sees that you and I completely put our trust in Him, He knows that we are ready to step into everything that He has for us.

Have an amazing day!

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