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Only have One

Where we are going doesn’t depend on where we have come from. The direction our lives take is directly proportionate to what we choose to prioritize.

It is believed that the word priority was singular for centuries, until it was given a plural form. Maybe it’s because modern-day society struggles to focus on One important thing. It prefers many, many “first things”. As soon as we have more than one priority, confusion steps in. Each priority needs our full attention! Each priority takes us in a different direction. And very soon, our lives are all over the place.

When we choose to prioritize our work, we neglect the other aspects of our lives. When we choose to prioritize our own wants, we fail to see the needs of others. It is simply impossible to have a range of priorities and to think that it will lead to a life of contentment. How then do we know which of our priorities is THE PRIORITY? The answer is not found in a “what” but a “who”, and His name is Jesus Christ.

When Jesus came to this Earth, His only priority was to do the will of His Father. And the one priority Jesus focused on, was making a way for you and me to have a living relationship with Him! His priority wasn’t comfort. His priority wasn’t fortune. His priority was Love because He is love. So when we make God our one, single priority, our lives reach equilibrium for the first time.

When God is our priority, then love takes over. When God is our priority then we love others. When God is our priority, the things of this world grow strangely dim, because all we want to do is live for Him. We know that this life is but a fading flower, and that our focus is on eternity. So if you are feeling lost and confused, make God your priority and make this your motto: “The cross before me, the world behind me… No Turning Back.

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