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Completely Free

The day we decide to climb to a higher place, is the day we begin to realise that this world will never satisfy our souls. And it’s a satisfied soul that sees past the challenges of this world and finds its rest in the presence of Our Father. But because we are weak in ourselves, we must continue to climb, every single day. I single day of surrendering to worldly attractions, is a day’s climbing lost.

When our lives are consumed by the things we don’t have, our blessings will go unnoticed. The injustice happening around the world today is mind-boggling. People are losing their jobs because of vaccine mandates. People are losing their homes because of this. Discrimination is rife when people who are unvaccinated are treated like lepers. They are not allowed to take part in a vaccinated economy. Citizens of Australia are not allowed to leave or enter, but unvaccinated tennis players and other celebrities can!

All these things have happened to me and my family. And I have allowed it to make me angry – which is justified. But I have also allowed it to consume me. I have stopped climbing and in so doing, neglected to see my blessings. I have spent so much time being angry at governments and politicians, that it had robbed me of my peace. For years, I chose to let the physical abuse of a teacher steal my joy. And now, I have almost made that same mistake with the ludicrous decisions of politicians. But no more. We might not have control over what the powers that be, legislate, but we do have control over whether we allow it to consume us.

From today, I choose to keep climbing. From this moment I refuse to find my peace in things of this world and in things I can’t have. I choose to change my altitude and to step into God’s presence. I choose to see success as being able to say, “It is well with my soul!” I choose a life on God’s terms. And in doing so, I know that my blessings are not measured in wealth or popularity, but in God’s love for me and the price Jesus Christ paid for my freedom. No matter how locked up I might be, I am completely free!

So join me as we keep climbing to higher altitudes, so that we can have a clearer view of what’s really important.

Have an awesome day!

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