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It’s Simple, yet not!

We were the reason that He gave His life. We were the reason that He suffered and died. To a world that was lost he gave all He could give to show us the reason to live.

When Jesus hung on that cross, despised, He thought of you and me. He never did it because we could offer Him anything that He needed. He did it for one reason, and one reason alone… LOVE. God loves you and me so much that He sent His Son to do whatever it took to show that love. It is because of love that Christianity exists.

As Christians, we must keep that love burning. When the world looks at us, they must see that love shining through. When we lack love, we lack God, because He is love! Those moments we find ourselves judging others, we simply need to go back to the cross. If God decided to give us what we deserve, He would never have sent Jesus. Because of the cross, we didn’t get what we deserve, Jesus got what we deserved.

There are many people out there who might be hurting us and saying bad things about us. It doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean we can’t stand up for what is right. But, as Christians, we shouldn’t be giving them what they deserve. That’s not what we have been called to do. Our job is to show them the same love that Jesus showed us. Is it easy? Heck NO! That’s why being a Christian is not for sissies. It’s easy to act tough and judge. It’s more difficult to be tough and love!

A day will come when those who don’t know Jesus, will be judged by God. That day is not today and that job is not ours to do. It might seem unfair, but I’ve read the last page of the Bible and it’s all going to turn out perfectly fine for those who love Him and love others. You and I might be the only Bible some people will ever read. Let them read pages filled with love.

Have an amazing day!


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