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Under His Wings

“…and under His wings you will find refuge.”

I’m sure there are so many of us wondering about the direction the world is moving in. I certainly struggle with the choices made by world leaders and their motives for making those very decisions. But if there’s one thing we need to remember, it’s that Christians can make a difference in a world filled with bad choices.

The world notices when people refuse to follow immorality. They might scoff at other who are principled, but deep down, it makes an impact on them. Deep down they realise something unique about Christians who aren’t swayed by the ways of the world. Deep down they wish they could do the same. But the desire for acceptance by the crowd often wins that internal battle.

The sad thing is that Christians are often enticed onto that journey of trying to impress others. We don’t need to do that. Our identity isn’t found in the acceptance of the world. The day we accepted Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we were given the right to be called children of God… AND WE ARE! If I am a child of the One True King, then why do I need to feel important in the eyes of mere mortals. All I need to do is nestle myself under His wings.

It’s there where we find peace that surpasses all understanding. But peace escapes us because we are so busy focusing on the problems of this world, that we don’t make time to sit with Him alone. And when we do, we should not be asking Him for everything we want, but listen so that He can show us everything we need. Let’s not fall to pieces because of our circumstances. Instead, let’s live in peace, despite those circumstances.

“Because He loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue Him; I will protect him, for He acknowledges my name.” 

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