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Never Stop Dreaming

When children dream, they are guided by their passion. When adults dream, we are guided by our circumstances. It’s no wonder that adults so seldom realise their dreams.

Every great thing that has been achieved in this world, was achieved through determination. Although circumstances make things more difficult, perseverance changes the way we perceive things. Those insurmountable mountains become like mole hills. We can never give up on our dreams. Dreams are what keep us alive. Dreams are our motivation to keep going in spite of our circumstances. A dream can become a reality when we make a conscious decision not to allow those who have given up on theirs, to talk us out of ours!

Satan is a dream wrecker! He knows that, as Christians, God gives us “dreams” that are connected to our passion. Which, in turn, is connected to our Godly purpose. When we become despondent because of what is happening around us, we allow our hope to be replaced by fear. That is the moment when our doubts supersede our faith in God to lead us to our dreams. When we choose to see our circumstances as giants, we are basically saying that God is inadequate. When we refuse to step into our “Promised land” because those “giants” are too big, we are saying that God is too small.

Our dreams are directly linked to our understanding of who God is, and the relationship we have with Him. God is a dream creator, a dream builder and a dream realiser. He wants us to think big. He wants us to believe big. And He wants us to achieve big. When our dreams are linked to the purpose that He has for our lives, they will realise as long as we trust Him. Nothing can stop you from becoming everything God has for you… except you! Don’t become your own Dream Breaker.

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