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The Importance of a Flat Tyre

Obstacles don’t stop us, they simply slow us down and test our endurance.

Life is a journey on the road to our purpose. Sometimes we are on the wrong road and find ourselves in the wilderness. That’s okay, because it’s in the wilderness where we often find the uncluttered map to where we need to be going. It’s during those times of battling with our own insecurities and issues, that we feel most vulnerable and scared. That’s often the place where we encounter God and where we are still enough and broken enough to hear His voice and listen to Him. It might not seem like a comfortable place, but it certainly is a necessary place. If we don’t have a flat in the wilderness, we will never stop and be still.

Sometimes we are on the highway to our purpose, but the rush around us, becomes distracting. That’s when we miss our turn off and keep following the crowd. Without knowing it, we are on the road to someone else’s destination. God didn’t create you to live someone else’s life. That vacancy is already filled. His purpose for you is a unique one that’s meant for nobody else. Don’t get so busy doing what everyone else is telling you to do, that you miss the turn off to your unique calling. The only way we can prevent that is if we block our ears to the noise of the world, and open our hearts to the direction God is giving us.

Sometimes we are on that dirt road heading to our purpose, when the “unattractiveness” begins to disappoint us. There are no bright lights or exciting cheers from the crowd. Everything just seems very dull and uninviting! That’s when we have those “flat tyre” moments and stop moving forward. Those moments become the defining parts of our lives. They can either help us to keep our eyes fixed on eternal rewards, or they can distract us. The choice is ours… do we fix the tyre and keep moving, or abandon the journey and hitch a ride back to the nearest crowd.

Don’t give in to the carrot dangling of this world. It’s Satan’s way of getting you to miss the turn off to your destiny. Don’t dismiss the dirt road moments in your journey. It’s God’s way of keeping your eyes on the destination. The road He has chosen for us is never glamorous, because the glory belongs to Him, not to us. But the views on our road to purpose, are spectacular and exciting. If we only take the time to notice!

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