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In the Desert

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him, than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word “darkness” on the walls of his cell!

A position of comfort often leads to questionable decisions. While enjoying the abundance found in life’s “jungles” we become very focused on ourselves. We begin to lose sight of the things that really matter… the God things! Distractions become the order of the day because of everything obstructing our view. The very view that allows us to see the magnificence of God through the lens of simplicity. And because of our tainted vision, our lives slowly drift away from recognising God’s majesty.

But when we step out of that clutter, we begin to see things with more clarity. When we walk into the wilderness, there are no distractions. That is where we truly find God. From the sandy desert floor, there are no trees to obscure our view; and no sounds to stop us from hearing His voice. The silence and simplicity of wilderness moments are so important, that we need to develop them into a lifestyle. There is nothing more important in this world, than to position ourselves in a place where we can clearly see His majesty and loudly hear His voice!

Cluttering our souls with worldly things, doesn’t diminish God’s glory, it simply diminishes our focus of His greatness. And that’s a foolish thing to do. God is calling us to find Him in the wilderness. Not only will we find God there, but we will also find a place to minister to others who are looking for answers. Jesus Christ gave His undivided attention to us when He suffered and died for our sins. Gratitude for His amazing love towards us isn’t found in our words, but in giving Him our undivided attention in the wilderness.

God’s majesty is unquestionable. God’s greatness is unfathomable. God’s love is inescapable. Let’s not clutter His bigness with the small things of this world.

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